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PT Tirta Marta (“Tirta Marta”) was established in 1971, as a pioneer in film based flexible packaging manufacturing. In traditional packaging, Tirta Marta had long serviced the consumer goods sector later adding on packaging for food, pharmaceuticals, confectioneries, chemicals, electronics, and cosmetics in Indonesia. Tirta Marta actively pursues the latest in flexible packaging and biodegradable plastics technologies.

In the last two years, Tirta Marta, brought to market its innovations in affordable degradable plastic for social and environmental impact, and brought to market new environmentally-friendly plastic solutions, OXIUM® and ECOPLAS®, available as raw material and as finished goods.  The resin for OXIUM® and ECOPLAS® is only produced and made available through Tirta Marta.  Tirta Marta brings its eco-friendly solutions to market through a network of manufacturing and sales partnerships in Indonesia, and other countries in Asia and the Americas.

OXIUM® is an additive that facilitates oxo-degradation in plastic, such as polyethylene and polystyrene, to achieve degradation through oxidation (exposure to oxygen and heat).  For example, a standard plastic shopping bag with OXIUM® can break down and become bio-available for microbes to eat in two years, formulated according to its life-cycle for usefulness. (see www.oxium.net)

ECOPLAS® is a bio-degradable polymer made from tapioca. Made into a standard plastic shopping bag, such a bag may degrade in weeks when buried amongst active microbes or insects, depending on microbial activity level.

While traditional plastic take 500 years to degrade, OXIUM® and ECOPLAS® have introduced greener solutions for polyethylene, polystyrene, and polypropylene. Products in the market include shopping bags, packaging, Styrofoam lunch boxes, re-useable totes, soil cover for sanitary landfill and hangers, with several more applications under development.
PT Tirta Marta was named the 2011 Best Applied Innovation award by the Indonesian Ministry for Research and Technology (RISTEK), and had been acknowledged as an Unilever Preferred Partner.  PT Tirta Marta serves multinational and Indonesian customers, such as Sanuk, Billabong, Unilever, Kao, Unicharm, Graha Kerindo Utama (makers of Tessa® tissue paper), Yupi Indo Jelly Gum.  PT Tirta Marta is certified for meeting ISO-9001:2000 quality standards and the Indonesia Solid Waste Association (InSWA) Green Label for environmentally friendly plastics (OXIUM® and ECOPLAS®). Its operations and sourcing from local tapioca cooperatives follow fair trade standards (Certified by the IMO for Fair For Life).  Its success has been featured in Forbes Indonesia, Globe Asia, Marketing, MIX, SWA, Kompas, and The Jakarta Post.