PT Tirta Marta (“Tirta Marta”) was established in 1971, as a pioneer in film based flexible packaging manufacturing. In traditional packaging, Tirta Marta had long serviced the consumer goods sector later adding on packaging for food, pharmaceuticals, confectioneries, chemicals, electronics, and cosmetics in Indonesia. Tirta Marta actively pursues the latest in flexible packaging and biodegradable plastics technologies. In the last two years, Tirta Marta, brought to market its innovations in affordable degradable plastic for social and environmental impact, and brought to market new environmentally-friendly plastic solutions, OXIUM® and ECOPLAS®, available as raw material and as finished goods.  The resin for OXIUM® and ECOPLAS® is only produced and made available through Tirta Marta.  Tirta Marta brings its eco-friendly solutions to market through a network of manufacturing and sales partnerships in Indonesia, and other countries in Asia and the Americas.


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